Digital Identity. Services to Manage it

I am in a (never-ending) job searching, so in a first round I need to be as attractive as possible ( with my CV, in a professional way, don't misunderstand) for passing the first filter and be able to show myself on a personal interview. I have been looking for a new or better job since long time and I try to increase my chances all the time, I have two primary sources for ideas: people I like to be and clean code. So I want to copy (yes the forbidden word) the CV ideas from others that get nice jobs and I want to reduce the noise, duplicates, redundancy and non useful info and increase the legibility, easy to understand and useful topics. One of my favourites CV comes from Bernardo Hernandez his CV is amazing, a top position with one page summarize, nothing left, everything clear and useful.

I get the idea from his website to have an index page for my digital identity, I was searching on genbeta to get some ideas about, and I discovered   It fulfil all my requirements, easy to use, easy to mange, clear and with impact. I had the problem that to include all my current digital identity (twitter, b log, CV, different views of the CV) my CV has so many URLs at the top, and some of them on an unreadable format. So solved two problems: a centralized place to put all my info and a clean interface to decide if you want to continue or not just in a couple of seconds. I really recommend it.

The links included on my page:

I am pretty happy and satisfied with the final result and I think is a good way to manage the digital identity and personal resources, that is so important nowadays on any job searching.